About Coffee-Joe:

Coffee-Joe.com is a place where my friends and family can come to try out some of my Home Roasted coffee and it's a way for me to share my love of coffee and Home Roasting with those I care about. I only source the finest available single origin green beans to roast (the top 1% of the top 1%) and only roast the coffee to an ideal medium roast (City, City+ or Full City) to balance each particular coffee's origin flavors with the roast flavors.

I not only tell you what country your coffee is from, but the region, elevation grown, which farm or plantation it was grown and processed at and maybe even introduce you to the grower and their family. Most of my coffee is from high-quality micro lots, kept separate from the farm's bulk lots. This ensures that the coffee beans I use are the absolute highest quality that the farm produces.

Of course all of this comes with a price, my growers often receive 50% to 100+% higher rates for their crops than even "Certified Fair-Trade" rates for these extra special beans. But this is a good thing - the higher rates ensures that the grower is motivated to produce the best coffee trees they can and ensures they have the capitol to continue improving their plant stock and processing facilities - this in turns ensures that we have continuous supply of fantastic coffee beans to choose from.



Coffees available: (8/15/2020)

Note: Roasting is on hold while I make a move.

Should be able to startup roasting again mid-September...


Roasting Schedule:

I roast each batch individually in a home roaster.  This service is intended to keep my family and friends well caffeinated and not intended for commercial quantities.

All coffee is priced at $15 per 12oz. bag.  +  shipping, USPS 2-3 day Priority Mail.

Shipping Cost:

  • 1 bag = +$10 shipping
  • 2-6 bags = +$15 shipping
  • 7-12 bags = +$21 shipping

Roasting will take place after payment has been completed. Weather may affect timing of roasting schedule.

Payment can be made via Venmo: @CoffeeJoe (preferred) or Paypal: paypal@coffee-joe.com

Please send e-mail with desired coffees, physical mailing address and completed payment transaction ID to joe@coffee-joe.com to complete you order.


Sorry, Continental United States orders only.


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